The Art of Healing - Energy Healing & Tarot Therapy by Robert Perry

Energy healing and reiki

I am an energy healer, based in north London and working with clients in person and increasingly online. My work is based on the principles of Reiki and Theta Healing, but leading the new wave of healing into the quantum field.

Energy Healing and reiki

I am an energy healer, based in north London and working with clients in person and increasingly online. My work is based on the principles of Reiki and Theta Healing, but leading the new wave of healing into the quantum field.

Energy healing and reiki

"Robert has an ability to make you see yourself anew. I had not expected quite so many shifts to occur but I am finally free of blocks that had held me back, many of them I didn’t even realise were there. I am a different person thanks to this work, with a lot of things suddenly making sense. Totally recommended."


My training and qualifications in Reiki and Theta have given me a robust platform for my work.  As I pursue my own spiritual development I come to realise every day how much greater the scope of energy work is.

reiki & energy healing

I use universal energy to heal, guide and transform lives on multiple levels. We work to clear past life blockages, to clear baggage in other dimensions.  By working inter-dimensionally, the energetic body heals and this allows the physical body to heal simultaneously.

life purpose Programme

Life Purpose-min

With the Life Purpose Programme, my goal is to help you pick up your frequency and lead you forward to that place that puts you back onto your true path. To live the life you want but don’t know how to access. It is already within you, we just need to recognise it and lead it forward.

"I find Robert’s intuitive healing guidance innately intelligent, honest and profound. His ability to connect to the wise voices of the cosmos and deliver their healing in a succinct and powerful way is like no other. Our sessions always deliver what I need to experience and hear. I would highly recommend Robert as a healer and spiritual mentor."

energy healing

Energy Healing is perfect for the stressed, tired human being that so many of us have become.  Physical ailments are not just of the body are but mirrored in our energetic fields, and it is vital to heal both if the body is to recover.

A healing session is incredibly relaxing and restorative and can bring about remarkable changes. Whatever you experience in a session, you will find that the benefits just grow and grow in the days after, leaving you healthier and happier.

Finding our life’s purpose is something we all hope for.  You do have a purpose to be here, and that goes beyond paying the mortgage and doing the school run.  When we work on this, it is a very interactive process in which we work on layers of existence in the energetic fields. 

Conforming to social norms shuts down our natural ability to connect to the spiritual realms and to realise our inter-dimensional potential. By opening up these realities again, you will find yourself energised, your vibrations will lift, and the path your life expects you to follow will become clear again.  You have not lost your purpose. You have, though, strayed off the path. Work with me and we will get you back.

Tarot Reading 

Tarot Reading requires us to meet at a point of energetic agreement.  I am able to tap into your energy, to link to your higher self, and in this way the cards communicate with us.  I use the tarot to guide you through your potential, to help you deliver on your life and to overcome obstacles. A tarot session is not unlike therapy and the depth and truth it brings forward will surprise you.

Whatever your concerns and needs, there will be a way we can work together to release your potential.  Living your true life is the most liberating and transformative experience. I look forward to helping guide you to yours.

about me

As a child I experienced time and place bend for me. I would cross dimensions without realising it, always returning safely to myself. These glimpses into alternative realities have stayed with me over the decades and form the basis of my work and belief in the potential in everyone.

You might find yourself stuck in old energy. This is when things are not working for you. You’ll recognise the symptoms: the dead end job, the relationships that sour and trap. Life feels shallow.  If you identify with any of that, we can work together. You need realigning and putting back on your course, which is exactly what I love to do. We work intuitively but always together. I am here to help you and the time and money you invest in yourself matters to me.

At the moment I work in three modes: a tarot session with me will help you understand where your energy is at, what you might do yourself to get things working again. Energy healing will soothe and restore, help you with physical problems and get your spiritual being back into positive support of your life.  Life purpose work will revitalise you as you find the pieces of the jigsaw falling in to the image of your real life.  All these work on energy principles, be it reading or channelling.


Put simply, to help my fellow man to ascend to a higher energy state in order to live their fullest life. I have always known this without being able to articulate it very well. All the work I do now is a result of a journey I have already taken, and continue to undertake. If I can find my life purpose, you can find yours.

Relax and be open to the process. Curiosity is great, and I love talking to you about what we are doing, so you are never left as a passive observer in the work. Following up with yourself is also important. Take what you get from the session and keep working it into your life.


Absolutely. Post-pandemic, many healers are working online now more than in person. We are easily able to connect with your energy, and the healing is happening on a higher level than the three dimensional, on a quantum level. Even Albert Einstein recognised this, describing it as “spooky action at a distance”. I disagree with the spooky part of that, but quantum physics is increasingly supporting us in our work. Energy is not bound by time and place.

It depends what you want to get from the process. A tarot reading can be 40 minutes or an hour, energy healing sessions are an hour and you can book them as and when you want them. Life purpose sessions sometimes go to an hour and a half, and although you can try it out with a single session, you should allow at least four sessions initially, usually twice a month. I continue to work with my teachers and mentors, so there is an open end to this work if you want to really pursue it.

Of course, preferably by email or a text message (I can’t answer the telephone if I am working with a client). I will always respond quickly. If you are interested in life purpose work, I offer a complementary 30 minute session to discuss it with you and for you to ask anything you need to know.

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