The Art of Healing - Energy Healing & Tarot Therapy by Robert Perry
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The Gratitude Transaction

Recently, a returning client arrived for a healing appointment bearing an enormous bunch of flowers. No financial transaction between us could possibly have opened up a stronger space for us to work in and to heal, and our time together went beyond either of our expectations.

Which, after the session, gave me pause for thought. We go about our respective businesses, day after day, and often forget to be thankful. Or to thank, more precisely. I don’t mean the obligatory “thanks for getting that done in time” and it’s multi-layered sub-text. What I do mean is owning that little exchange of gratitude, of giving thanks and meaning it, and of accepting thanks with grace when it is honestly given.

Giving and receiving energy is what I do in my business. I’m always grateful for it, always grateful for the growth and development each client brings me.  Do I voice that gratitude often enough? I doubt it, but today is the day to reset the button and start to transact with gratitude. Join me.

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