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“Even though your body appears to be material, it is not. In the deeper reality, your body is a field of energy, transformation and intelligence”

Deepak Chopra


I was born intuitive.

As a child, time warped for me.  I would cross dimensions of time and space without knowing, always returning safely to myself.  Glimpses of other lives and worlds never left me, and as I grew into adulthood I remained an enigma to most.

My soul instinctively rejected the norm. I was not a normal student. I refused restrictions to my freedom. I rejected religious doctrine.  And as social parameters inevitably bound me into a world of three dimensional being, my spirit imploded.  I was being shown, even then, that this was not the right way, but I lacked the knowledge to fight back, or where to get support.

I channelled my spirit into the arts and spent a life on and off stage, looking for truth through the words and actions of other creatives in my profession.  I came to realise how words and sounds change energy in a moment, and how to read that energy. I started to look beyond.

Many years later I have returned to source. I have done the work, found my purpose, and now I guide others toward their own enlightenment.

I have travelled this world physically. I have travelled other worlds through spirit, raising my frequency to enable it.  I have made mistakes, taken wrong paths, but I have arrived.

You can too. I’d be pleased to help you.



I work with universal energy to inform and heal. I don’t restrict my work to the third dimensional existence that defines our human lives, but expand it across other lives, dimensions and states of being. Without this the healing is too shallow.

As we as a species spiritually ascend, we are seeing the old world orders fail and fall. A new way of being is emerging. As a Reiki Master, I am dedicated to helping you find your frequency and to guide you in raising it to keep abreast of these times, so that you can knowingly ascend.  There is so much help to be had, waiting to be asked, wanting to step in to lead you higher, but you need the skill set to connect. I can facilitate that connection, and I can show you how to make the connection yourself.

As a Reiki Master (Usui, Karuna and Quantum), Theta Healer, meditation teacher and tarot reader with many years behind me, I now work intuitively with clients, always in their own highest interest. The client’s needs determine the way we work together, but a session with me is YOUR session, and we will always collaborate to make the best use of the time and to get you the results you need.


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