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About me

I work with universal energy. That might take the form of an intuitive tarot reading, or a session of healing. It might even mean raising your frequency as you come back into contact with your life’s purpose. My definition of success would be to witness you living better and in your own truth.

About Me

I work with universal energy. That might take the form of an intuitive tarot reading, or a session of healing. It might even mean raising your frequency as you come back into contact with your life’s purpose. My definition of success would be to witness you living better.

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As a child I experienced time and place bend for me. I would cross dimensions without realising it, always returning safely to myself. These glimpses into alternative realities have stayed with me over the decades and form the basis of my work and belief in the potential in everyone.

My soul instinctively rejected the accepted doctrine.  I was unusual, an enigma. I came to reject religion and fought against conformity.  I knew there were other ways to the truth, and I knew I had to work and study if I were to find them.

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At first, I channelled my spirit into the arts, and spent a life on and off stage.  Becoming other people on stage allowed me to explore other ways of thinking and being.  I came to realise how words and sounds change energy in a moment, how to read the energy. I started to look beyond.

Many years later I have returned to my source.  I know my path, know what I came here to do, and have begun to live my calling.


There are many ways to work with energy, many similar methods with different names.  We all have the ability to use the life force that exists everywhere at all times, but we do need to know how to tap it, how to channel it. I liken it to tuning a radio: turn it on and there is white noise. Turn the dial and a channel comes into focus. Is that the right channel? If not, turn the dial again and find the right channel. And then fine tune that.

My formal training began with the modality of Theta Healing. This was life changing for me, opening as many areas of question and those it answered.

My mind really expanded and my own energy signature changed dramatically, increasing its frequency and enabling me to work from a higher spiritual perspective.  I began at the basic level, and progressed to the Advanced Theta Healing DNA level.

Reiki and energy

Maintaining my work with Theta Healing, I began to study Reiki, one of the most popular forms of energy work in use today. I progressed to the level of Reiki Master in the traditional Usui method (my lineage is seventh to the founder, Mikao Usui). I returned to further my Reiki training by taking a second Masters, this time in the Karuna method, which uses a higher vibrational approach than the Usui method. It works in tandem with other energy work beautifully, and when I work, elements of all my training tends to merge into one system of healing.

I continue to pursue alternative therapy training, with diplomas in Meditation (teaching), Sound Therapy and currently in progress, Colour Therapy. Everything I learn adds to the mix and enhances my work, regardless of how you decide to work with me.

Healing therapy with me is a safe and compassionate process. The time we have together is yours and I work closely with you to help you fulfil your life’s purpose.  We each have a soul contract to fulfil on our earthly journey, and that is where we work.

I am based in north west London in the United Kingdom but work globally. You are welcome to visit me in person, but increasingly I work online with many of my clients, removing any restrictions of time and place. 


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