The Art of Healing - Energy Healing & Tarot Therapy by Robert Perry

Understanding the concept of Silence

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As we raise ourselves from our third dimensional existence and, as a species, begin to grasp the enormity of our potential as inter-dimensional beings, we must collectively bring new technology with us, to be used as a democratic tool of enlightenment.

Now on YouTube!

The Art of Healing - Energy Healing & Tarot Therapy by Robert Perry

The art of Healing is now running a Youtube channel.  I’ll be starting with tarot and oracle readings that look at the broader world scenario, dipping into politics and exploring how our ascendent energies can transform the world we call home and help us keep aligned with our soul purpose. You can find my first […]

The Democracy of (Healing) Enlightenment

Almost every day, the scientific community confirms new understandings that those of us in the spiritual sciences have known and been practising for years. This is not to disparage our scientists, rather to celebrate their discoveries and encourage the sharing of them with the greater public.  Any of us working with healing on a spiritual […]

The Gratitude Transaction

Recently, a returning client arrived for a healing appointment bearing an enormous bunch of flowers. No financial transaction between us could possibly have opened up a stronger space for us to work in and to heal, and our time together went beyond either of our expectations. Which, after the session, gave me pause for thought. […]

Left, Right or Straight Ahead?

You’ve been there, right? That guided meditation that takes you down paths and through woodlands, every turn offering the potential reward of a spiritual revelation. Perhaps you made it to the clearing where your spirit guide was waiting for you. But more likely you did not. Did you want it too much? Were you, way […]