The Art of Healing - Energy Healing & Tarot Therapy by Robert Perry

Left, Right or Straight Ahead?

You’ve been there, right? That guided meditation that takes you down paths and through woodlands, every turn offering the potential reward of a spiritual revelation.

Perhaps you made it to the clearing where your spirit guide was waiting for you. But more likely you did not. Did you want it too much? Were you, way down deep, afraid of what you might find? Both are, I think, common to most of us. We want to know the secrets of the cosmos, want to know what our reason to be is, but when those answers look like they may be imminent, we back off and prefer to stay with our lives as they are, unencumbered by knowledge. Ignorance, though, is not bliss.

Healers, of which I am but one of millions, spend a long time gestating how they want to heal.  We follow paths, we turn left or not, and we trial things to see how they fit. At the time, they seem revelatory, later they seem less so, and we take a path to the right to some other modality. And the cycle begins again.  

The answer comes much later, and very many paths later. It is of course that there is no left, right or straight ahead. There is just within. All the answers are there, but we have to trust that it is so and let them speak to us.  I can vouch that my own certainty came from self-knowledge, from allowing myself to expand and open, and to meeting the host of beings who hold us, guide us and help us pick up the pieces when we lose the plot.  

We are unique creations. We make choices that, when we are born into this human experience, we soon forget. Our parents taught us to think otherwise. Social mores required our co-operation. Religion demanded other ways of belief. Life became too busy, too crowded and too confusing, and we gave up our truth without realising it.  

Go back within. You can reconnect to your purpose. Your soul contract requires you to make good on your agreement if you are to lead a life fulfilled and full of joy. Know no guilt, accept no parameters, but know that you have a reason to be, you are not alone, and you can get there if you surrender to your truth.

I heal by reconnecting people to their purpose, repairing and restoring across dimensions and lives and putting people back on track. I am far from alone in offering this work, and you will doubtless find the right healer for you if you open to the search, but know that we want you with us on our journey, not forever wandering down paths of expectation. 

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