The Art of Healing - Energy Healing & Tarot Therapy by Robert Perry

life purpose programme

I meet people every day who tell me they feel stuck in a rut. Their lives press on, but with little joy or sense of fulfilment. Work is a chore. Family is demanding. Where is there time to be me in all this?

life purpose programme

I meet people every day who tell me they feel stuck in a rut. Their lives press on, but with little joy or sense of fulfilment. Work is a chore. Family is demanding. Where is there time to be me in all this?

Robert Perry healing

"I was fortunate to have recently completed Robert’s four stage programme. Robert was a great guide and the way that he works really helped me on my spiritual path. By working with both my guides and his we managed to open new pathways and discover past life connections. I highly recommend this great course to anyone wishing to learn more about themselves and develop."

finding your purpose

It is very easy to lose direction, but that is all that has happened. The agreement you made as you began this time amongst humanity has not changed. Your soul contract is the same. But years of being told to be quiet, conform, do this my way not yours, adhere to social and spiritual conventions have caused you to shut your consciousness down.

There is a lot of talk today about raising frequency or vibration.  It can be confusing but it is a fundamental truth: we are held back by a lower frequency life.  Ask yourself where you sit on a scale that might run from absolute joy and reason to be at the top, down through just coping and trying to be optimistic, right down to apathy and depression.  We are all on that scale, somewhere. 

My goal is to help you pick up your frequency and lead you forward to that place that puts you back onto your true path. To live the life you want but don’t know how to access. It is already within you, we just need to recognise it and lead it forward.

"A series of life events had brought me to a new low. I have always known I was missing something, and when Robert’s work was recommended to me I decided to try it. I knew I had to do something. I wasn’t really prepared for the gateways that opened up, for the truths that tumbled down from spirit, and for the way it transformed my life. I had been scared of the way I was headed, but now I am fighting forward with a new positivity."

how it works

In guiding clients to their best life, I work closely with spirit: with my guides and yours, with angelic beings, ascended masters and inter-dimensional and planetary beings. We begin by finding out exactly where you are in your process and why you have lost your way.  What are the blocks? Where are the opportunities?

This work crosses dimensions. The human construct of time and place ceases to matter as we explore previous and parallel lives, your soul family and your star seed origins. We will connect you to your own network of support beyond the third dimension that we occupy on this earth.

Working with me to unlock the doors of your potential is surprising and often revelatory work. You discover truths you had forgotten. Life starts to make sense as the pieces drop into place, and ultimately you find yourself back on track. Your moods are better. You achieve more with less effort. Worry recedes, and optimism and excitement return. 

Every client will experience this process uniquely.  For this reason I recommend a free half hour chat with me. This helps you to work out if it is the process for you need, and helps me to understand where you are in your development and where I can be of use guiding you forward. The process is very interactive, always in your best interests, and you will be kept safe throughout your progress.

Please make contact if you think you would like to embark on finding your life purpose with me. You will be talking to someone who has travelled the same journey.


There are many theories about parallel dimensions to our own: the “multiverse” is seen as unlimited.  We can access dimensions we may have existed in or may be existing in now, by working closely with those beings that operate between them.  Often this helps us to shed limiting beliefs and blocks that we could not perceive in our earth incarnations, releasing us from useless bonds and contracts we have held on to.

You are protected and cared for by a host of other beings that are not bound to earthly constructs of time and place. These beings are allocated to you, may be family in spirit, may be energies that occupy other galactic realities.   We all have access to our guides, both to those who are always at our side as well as to those that come in when they are required – and called! – to help is achieve our purpose.   

You will know instinctively. However, tick off the following and if you tick more than a few, then you definitely need to realign your path.

  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Illness
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Feeling used
  • Isolation
  • Fear
  • Knowing there is something more.

It can be surprisingly quick to find your purpose, but I would begin with a course of four sessions.  You will have no obligation to complete all four, but equally you may want to continue working after four.  These are your sessions and I work at the right pace for you.


Not at all. In some ways you raise your frequency when something exciting or happy occurs, quite naturally.  Your physical body remains a third dimension entity and will be quite comfortable living on in this environment, but your soul will find ever higher levels to vibrate on as you progress.  We always work on keeping grounded. You may feel tired after a session, or you may come out of it on a high, but equilibrium soon returns.

"This is just the most amazing work! I’ve dabbled spiritually before but nothing seemed to make any real difference, but after a few sessions with Robert I could feel my energy change and I started to understand so much more. I’ve got a way to go still, but I’m very excited about the lessons still to come."

book today

You can book a reading with me in person or below.  I can also record for you and send your reading to you as an audio or video file.  I recommend that all readings are recorded so that you can have the benefit of revisiting what has been revealed, and can go back to sections that have real impact for you. 


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