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Quantum Reiki & Light Work

Everything is energy. You are, I am. The device you are reading this on is energy, as is the chair you are sat on. All that differs is the frequency of the vibration.

As humans, our physical energy signature is low. This is what gives us the density to live on the planet, these physical bodies that carry us from the start to the end of this particular journey. And yet that is only a part of our human story, for we exist on so many levels beyond these bodies.

Energy Healing delves into the quantum field, and by working with universal light it enables us to raise human vibration to improve health, both physical and emotional. Working with assistance from other dimensions, we are able to reprogram and restore you on a physical level as well as your energetic and light bodies, re-aligning you and making sure you are – all of you! – in synchronisation. It is when we fall out of alignment that we become ill, and when we restore it that we heal.

My own healing modality takes the traditions of Reiki and deepens the potential to heal by crossing into the quantum field and working with light. The gentle energies of Reiki support and heal the physical body and it’s immediate etheric layer, while working with light allows access your full inter-dimensional reality and the freedom to work without the limitations time and space. The whole is healed.

Readings take place online and you will receive an invitation to join the session by email.  All readings are recorded and sent to you, so that you can revisit them and get the most out of them.



all sessions are online and a zoom link will be sent upon checkout


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