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ProductTarot Therapy – 40 Min

From: £40.00

Starting from the traditional view of tarot as a divination tool, I have evolved my practise into something more insightful and valuable, using the tarot as a therapeutic tool that reflects the immense potential in each client. The cards are used to map out paths that allow obstacles to be overcome and potential fulfilled, always working in the clients highest interest.

All readings are done in depth, whichever option you choose to purchase.  The reading begins with a moment of meditation and the selection of cards that resonate.  An initial spread is laid out and interpreted, and then subsequent spreads drill into issues as they reveal themselves.  Every reading will give you complex and useable information.

Readings take place online and you will receive an invitation to join the session by email.  All readings are recorded and sent to you, so that you can revisit them and get the most out of them.

This is for a 40 Min booking.


all sessions are online and a zoom link will be sent upon checkout


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