The Art of Healing - Energy Healing & Tarot Therapy by Robert Perry

Energy & Quantum Reiki Healer

Everything is energy. You are, I am. The device you are reading this on is energy, as is the chair you are sat on. All that differs is the frequency of the vibration our energy fields. I use this energy to heal, assisted by spirit, to heal, relax and rejuvenate.

Energy & Quantum Reiki Healer

Everything is energy. You are, I am. The device you are reading this on is energy, as is the chair you are sat on. All that differs is the frequency of the vibration our energy fields. I use this energy to heal, assisted by spirit, to heal, relax and rejuvenate.

Robert Perry, Reiki Master, Theta Healer, meditation teacher, tarot reader

"I find Robert’s intuitive healing guidance innately intelligent, honest and profound. His ability to connect to the wise voices of the cosmos and deliver their healing in a succinct and powerful way is like no other. Our sessions always deliver what I need to experience and hear. I would highly recommend Robert as a healer and spiritual mentor".

energy healing

As humans, our physical energy signature is naturally low. This gives us the density to live on our planet, in these physical bodies that carry us from the start to the end of our journey.  And yet that is only a part of our human story, for we exist on so many levels beyond these bodies.

The human energy field exists on many dimensional levels.  As healers we work on the physical body, but this is not enough to complete a full healing . For healing to be complete it must travel through both the physical and the energetic body.

To achieve this, it needs to be directed to do so. If you have chronic pain in your physical body,  it is vital that we address the same pain where it occurs in the energy field, so that the problem is treated effectively, and for the long term.

Failure to treat the condition in the energetic field means that the physical ailment is not treated holistically, and remains or returns after the healing session.

The healing process must also be witnessed.  As I channel healing energy though you, I observe where it goes, how it reacts, and what the effect it has on you. 

My way of energy healing works on the quantum field, and by channelling universal light it enables me to work from a higher vibrational level. 

You may call this energy something else – in Chinese medicine it would be the Chi, in the West me might call it the life force. Working with spiritual assistance from other dimensions, I am able to reprogram and restore you on both the physical and energetic levels, realigning you and making sure that all parts of you are synchronised. 

It is so simple. When we fall out of alignment we become ill,  when we restore balance we heal.  The process is peaceful and positive as the energy flows through you.

My healing journey began as a student of Theta Healing. This taught me to raise my own energy to a higher level. By doing this, I am able to access different dimensions and to draw on their energies, regardless of time or place.  I have access to higher realms, to angelic beings and ascended masters, all of whom support me in channeling source energy directly to a client.

I then went on to study Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master.  This Japanese way of healing channels life-giving energy through the Master and into the client.  Over the years I have used Reiki to heal, I have found the power of it fascinating and ever developing.  Like all healing, Reiki comes from a place of pure love.

"I wasn’t sure about going to Robert, but I booked a session after a friend had a really positive experience, and I decided to give it a go. It’s hard to explain, but something happens to you and the process seems so normal and right. There isn’t anything weird or way out, just ease and a sense of being in safe hands. I floated out of my first healing session and now I work with Robert on developing my own healing abilities. He’s a great teacher as well as a healer."

how it works

My healing practice takes the traditional use of Reiki and deepens its ability to heal by sending it through the physical body and into the energetic body. 

The gentle energies of Reiki support and heal the physical body and its immediate etheric layer, while sending the energy beyond the physical and into your energetic fields.  You are healed as a whole being. Holding the space and keeping a safe environment, I channel the energy to you, direct its flow, and witness the healing.

Although this work happens in a quiet and often silent way, we work interactively, and always in your highest interest. I am simply a channel and you are the receptor. Allowing the energy in, letting it flow freely, and sharing our experiences are all a part of the process. 

Energy healing has been practised for thousands of years, and today is more and more recognised as an important gateway to integrated health.  Taking time out to experience this form of healing practise improves quality of life, helps us to feel better, addresses health conditions and works beautifully in tandem with modern medical practices. 

"Wow! I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I needed to be healed on some deep level. Robert took time to understand my concerns and to make sure I was comfortable, and as soon as he began the healing session I began to experience such intense shifts in my energy. These were really profound and I won’t pretend I understand what happened, just that something changed in me from the first session. I was so much calmer and things seemed so much clearer to me. Every session was an amazing journey. It really has changed me and life is a more positive experience now."



Whether in person or distant, the first thing you will experience is an open discussion on what you are hoping to take from the healing session.  Once I understand where you are approaching this from, I will spend a moment scanning your energy. Then I will ask you to relax in your chair or on the healing bed. and I will commence the channelling.  During this time you are free to let you mind go and to allow yourself the freedom to feel whatever energies channel though you.  Clients are usually very relaxed during this and may often fall asleep. Once I feel that the right amount of energy has been channelled I will bring you back to the present, and once you are ready we will talk over both my and your experiences.  I recommend that, after the season, you take it easy. And keep hydrated!

Usually the full session is an hour, with the actual healing process taking up 30 to 35 minutes of that hour.  Repeat session can be shorter as I will be able to pick up immediately on past sessions and work from there.

In just the same way as one on one healing works.  Energy is not bound by time and place, and I can work with you wherever you are in the world.  I am working across dimensions when I heal and am always assisted by the spirit realm – we can find you and connect to you as easily at a distance as if you were in the room. The results will be as powerful and affirming, whichever way you choose.

I recommend that you approach energy healing as a complementary source of wellness and that you always work with your doctors or counsellors where any serious condition is concerned.  There is increasing evidence in the medical and scientific professions that illustrates the power of energy work as a part of the healing process. In American hospitals, for example, traditional Reiki can be included into a patients treatment programme. 

A session costs £75.00. This is for a full hour, and if we continue to work we may be able to work more quickly and the fee will decrease accordingly.  I hold some sessions open each month for those who would prefer to pay what they can – please email me for more information.


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