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“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”

Albert Einstein

The 4 Door Programme

£270 for 4 x 90 min sessions


It is easy to lose our keys to the doors we need to open in life. We unwittingly unlearn the knowledge we were born with, we put barriers in the way of our progress, and we fail to understand why our lives do not go as we want them to.

It’s easy to opt out at this point and give up. Leave the door locked and try another. If you feel that your doors are locked and preventing you from fulfilling your purpose, join The Four Door programme in which you will learn how to open your doors with grace and ease, how to grow into your own potential, and how to be sure that the future you choose is the future you were meant to Live.

We open one door in each session. Each one is opened in your highest interest.

The First Door: Conversations with Consciousness

In this initial session we explore the various parts of your consciousness, opening dialogues with them and regaining balance.  Many of the blocks we attempt to clear are found here and by beginning the process of unlocking them, we can be ready to progress to a more productive state of being.

The Second Door: Reconnecting with your Purpose

The second door to open is the one that we so often seek to unlock.  Through guided meditation and through expanded conversations with consciousness, we re-learn the life purpose we have forgotten.

The Third Door: Exploring Limitlessness

Now we begin to meet and know your team in spirit: the guides and angelic helpers. We begin to learn what they do for you and what you can ask of them. Through them we explore inter-dimensional existence and non-linear time, opening up limitless possibilities for ourselves.

The Fourth Door: Co-creating your Future

Behind the last door are answers that forge a practical way forward. We have come to terms with our purpose on this earth, and we have met those in spirit who are sent to help us. In this last session of the 4 Door Programme, we together co-create the reality of your future.

The 4 Door Programme is booked as one course, with one session per week and you should expect some work set for you to do in between each.  This is a commencement programme for spiritual development, and will give you a sound base to make decisions and progress you thought beyond you.

Growth does not stop at this point: the skills you have learned will stand you in good stead to develop and understand the fullness of your being.  With these steps taken, we can discuss your way forward and how I can help you continue on your way.  It is my goal to get you to the point at which you unfurl your wings and fly unaided. You certainly can.

Book your first session now. We will schedule the remaining three sessions to suit the pace you wish to work at, and to allow your experience to grow organically.  All four sessions take place online and you will receive a meeting link to each.  All sessions can be recorded and subsequently sent to you – please ask if you would like that resource.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation for this programme: please feel free to book if you would like to talk about it in more depth before booking.

Tarot Therapy

£40 for 40 minutes or £60 for 60 minutes


I have practised the art of intuitive tarot for over forty years, on both sides of the globe.

Starting from the traditional view of tarot as a divination tool, I have evolved my practise into something more insightful and valuable, using the tarot as a therapeutic tool that reflects the immense potential in each client. The cards are used to map out paths that allow obstacles to be overcome and potential fulfilled, always working in the client’s highest interest.

All readings are done in depth, whichever option you choose to purchase.  The reading begins with a moment of meditation and the selection of cards that resonate.  An initial spread is laid out and interpreted, and then subsequent spreads drill into issues as they reveal themselves.  Every reading will give you complex and useable information.

Readings take place online and you will receive an invitation to join the session by email.  All readings are recorded and sent to you, so that you can revisit them and get the most out of them.

In addition to tarot, I work as a Reiki Master and with Energy & Light Healing.  These, and other modalities, come together to deliver potent readings that offer you the most holistic result possible.

Please be aware that I do not work predictively with the cards: you are not booking a fortune teller, you are booking a life planner!


Energy Healing



Quantum Reiki & Light Work

Everything is energy. You are, I am. The device you are reading this on is energy, as is the chair you are sat on. All that differs is the frequency of the vibration.

As humans, our physical energy signature is low. This is what gives us the density to live on the planet, these physical bodies that carry us from the start to the end of this particular journey.  And yet that is only a part of our human story, for we exist on so many levels beyond these bodies.

Energy Healing delves into the quantum field, and by working with universal light it enables us to raise human vibration to improve health, both physical and emotional. Working with assistance from other dimensions, we are able to reprogram and restore you on a physical level as well as energetic and light bodies, re-aligning you and making sure you are – all of you! – in synchronisation.  It is when we fall out of alignment that we become ill, and when we restore it that we heal.

My own Energy & light healing modality takes the traditions of Reiki and deepens the potential to heal by crossing into the quantum field and working with light.  The gentle energies of Reiki support and heal the physical body and its immediate etheric layer, while working with light allows access to your full inter-dimensional reality and the freedom to work without the limitations time and space. The whole is healed.

Currently all Energy & Light Healing sessions are conducted online and you will receive an invitation to join your session by email.


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