The Art of Healing - Energy Healing & Tarot Therapy by Robert Perry

The Democracy of (Healing) Enlightenment

Almost every day, the scientific community confirms new understandings that those of us in the spiritual sciences have known and been practising for years.

This is not to disparage our scientists, rather to celebrate their discoveries and encourage the sharing of them with the greater public.  Any of us working with healing on a spiritual level will absolutely recommend that our clients see medical practitioners as well and use us as an alternative/supplementary path to health (though I look forward to the day when “alternative healing” no longer requires that particular adjective).

The real danger to us is where developing technology lies.  It is no secret that Big Pharma controls our access to medical help and that a very small number of companies own colossal wealth accordingly.  Currently, groundbreaking work on the use of ultrasound on the brain as a stimulant or even alternative to traditional mediation is at an advanced stage. I teach mediation, I know only too well how hard it can be to quiet the mind for a few moments, and as such I embrace this development with open arms, not just because it could benefit mediation but because it has major implications for the future of mental health treatment. When this is tested and proven (as it almost is right now) where will it be available? And to whom? And at what cost?

As we raise ourselves from our third dimensional existence and, as a species, begin to grasp the enormity of our potential as inter-dimensional beings, we must collectively bring new technology with us, to be used as a democratic tool of enlightenment. If we allow anything less, we will be kept back from a future that is our birthright. 

The world’s rich are the new astronauts. Let’s not allow our health to be the playground of the few.


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